St Patrick Church

756 Mission St
San Francisco, California 94103
Phone: (415) 421-3730

Mass Times

Regular Mass Schedule

Sunday - 7:30am; 9:30am; 12:00pm; 5:15pm
1st Sunday - 2:00pm Tagalog Mass
3rd Sunday - 2:00pm Charismatic Mass and Healing Service
Monday through Friday - 7:30am, 12:10pm; 5:15pm
Saturday - 7:30am, 12:10pm; 5:15pm (Sunday Vigil)

Special days

Thanksgiving, Memorial, Independence, and Labor Day - 9:00am only
Holy Days of Obligation - 7:30am; 12:10pm; 5:15pm
Easter Sunday and Christmas Day - 7:30am; 9:30am; 12:00pm (no Mass at 5:15pm)


Tuesdays and First Fridays - 11:30am & 4:30pm
Saturdays - 4:00 to 5:00pm

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