Holy Angels Church

8751 Regency Rd
San Diego, California 92123
Phone: (858) 277-2511
Email: PastorHASD@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.holyangelssandiego.com

Mass Times

Sunday: 7 Oct (20th Sunday After Pentecost) (Gal 1:11-19; Lk 7:11-16)  9AM Divine Liturgy (People of the Parish)Eternal Lamp – (Ted & Sylvia Pasnak)      

 Tuesday: 9 Oct (Apostle James Alpheus) 12PM Sixth Hour

 Thursday: 11 Oct (Deacon Apostle Phillip) 7PM Readers Compline

 Saturday: 13 Oct (Martyrs Carpus and Others) (2 Cor 3:12-18; Lk 6:1-10)

                          9AM Divine Liturgy (Rachel Escobedo – birthday)

                          5PM Great Vespers                                        

 Sunday: 14 Oct (Sunday of the Fathers of the 7thEcumenical Council)(Gal 2:16-20; Lk 8:5-15 or Heb 13:7-16; Jn 187:1-13)  9AM Divine Liturgy (People of the Parish)  Eternal Lamp – (Ted & Sylvia Pasnak)                                                                    

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